Merry Christmas to you Dear Reader! I'm unsure how relevant mixes are in these days of Spotify and Pandora Radio and I've always avoided making Christmas mixes over the years due to my love/hate relationship with the genre. However, Frances made an amazing Christmas mix a couple of years ago entitled One Christmas Catalogue which kind of changed my opinion about it.

I've always loved the magic of Christmastime and there are definitely some wonderful songs that reflect that feeling. There are also just as many that unwittingly reflect how sad and utterly depressing Christmas can sometimes be. I hope that both kinds of songs are included on this mix.

I guess it's virtually impossible to make a definitive Christmas mix and this collection of songs is not an attempt to do so. I would say that 50% of the songs on this mix are not about Christmas at all, but I like the mood that they create. Sort of a magical melancholy that somehow seems appropriate. I would suggest that you either listen to this mix in the car or on headphones but definitely not at your Christmas party!

The tracklisting for the mix is below and you can download it HERE

1. Ascent / Brian Eno
2. Christmastime Is Here / Vince Guaraldi Trio
3. Purple Snowflakes / Marvin Gaye
4. Just Like Christmas / Low
5. The Coldest Night of the Year / Twice As Much & Vashti Bunyan
6. Little Saint Nick / The Beach Boys
7. Linus and Lucy / Vince Guaraldi Trio
8. It's Christmas Time Again / Reuben Anderson
9. Jesus Christ / Big Star
10. Egg Nog / Luna
11. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) / Darlene Love
12. He's Coming Home / Death & Britta
13. Gee Whiz, It's Christmas / Carla Thomas
14. Skating / Vince Guaraldi Trio
15. Prince of Peace / Pharoah Sanders
16. Rock Around the Clock / Telex
17. Ode to Joy / Walter Carlos
18. All You Need is Love / New Musik
19. (Simply Having) A Wonderful Christmastime / Wings
20. Listen, The Snow is Falling / Jeremy Dubs
21. Ice Dance / Danny Elfman
22. Endlessly / Mercury Rev
23. River / Joni Mitchell
24. Surrender / Suicide