13 Short Films About Music Pitch Deck by Kristian Goddard for the Paradigm Talent Agency

Xeomin Global Marketing Campaign featuring Gwyneth Paltrow Art Direction by Kristian Goddard for Merz Aesthetics

Nottingham Forest 'That Loving Feeling' Marketing Campaign and Season Card Renewal Pack Graphic Design by Kristian Goddar

Motley Crue Tour Pitch Deck Graphic Design and Illustration by Kristian Goddard

Proposal Design for the Steeplechase Films Strategic Partnership with Google Arts and Culture by Kristian Goddard

Scott Walker 30 Century Man Promotional Materials Designed by Kristian Goddard for Verve Pictures and Lakeshore Entertainment

Lou Reed New York Pitch Deck Designby Kristian Goddard

The Final Year Print Advertising Design by Kristian Goddard for Magnolia Pictures HBO

American Pain Pitch Deck by Kristian Goddard for Motto Pictures

Minutemen We Jam Econo Book Design by Kristian Goddard Mike Watt D Boon George Hurley

Ashrae Fax Attack Decay Sustain Release Tour Posters by Kristian Goddard for Mexican Summer

Scout Niblett Album Covers

L.A. Witch Drive Your Car Inner Sleeve Artwork

Harry Nilsson Commemorative Anniverasy Poster by Kristian Goddard for Sony Legacy RecordingsStephen Kijak Website Design

Brainiacs (Inventing Tomorrow) Pitch Deck Graphic Design by Kristian Goddard for Fishbowl Films

Graphic Art by Kristian Goddard Featured on the Set of Mad Men Seasons 6 and 7 Minimalist Abstract Geometric Painting

Ballast Dazzle Camouflage Graphic Art Canvas by Kristian Goddard

Astarboard Dazzle Camouflage Graphic Art Painting by Kristian Goddard