If there's one record that I can barely listen to, it has to be Big Star's 3rd, otherwise known as Sister Lovers. I always find it pretty funny when people say that some music is too depressing to listen to. I very rarely think that, but I must say that Big Star's third record is something that I find hard to put on. It just seems devoid of anything positive and sounds like death to me.

This was the last Big Star record I heard after falling in love with the first two albums. I guess I was hoping for more of the same and I relished the thought of another Big Star album to listen to. But, I've probably listened to it ten times in ten years and every time is like going through a war. There are some pretty songs on the album, though, such as "Blue Moon" and Jody Stephens' "For You", but the prevailing mood is one of hopelessness. Maybe it lacks the sweetness of any Chris Bell songs, but Radio City didn't feature any, either... If you haven't heard this record, then on first listen it might sound quite nice, but believe me, there is darkness, and only darkness, between the grooves of this record!

Big Star's Third Sister Lovers