I've long been an admirer of Dick Gregory. Recordings of his lectures on college campuses in the 60s have followed me around these last few years. I first heard about him through his work as a comedian in the late-50s. He was quite possibly one of the very first people to incorporate politics into his comedy routines, way before Bill Hicks or George Carlin. Those stand-up performances are absolutely hilarious, but he really found himself in the early 60s as a political activist. He is an active and well-respected member of the Civil Rights Movement. He even ran for President of the United States in the 1968 Presidential Election Campaign.

The recordings which make up the album The Best of Dick Gregory are incredible and something that I tend to return to for inspiration again and again. Recorded on college campuses in the mid to late 60s, he comes across as an all-seeing guru and speaker of the truth in a confusing era. You should also check out his speech after his arrest at the 1963 Civil Rights protests in Birmingham, Alabama. You can find the audio HERE

These days Dick is known for his charity work and his opinions on conspiracy theories. Considered a "quack" by many, Dick continues to share his views on politics and health matters, and he is always fascinating. This post is nothing more than a chance for me to post a link to the Dick Gregory website, which you can find HERE Thank you, Brother Greg!

Dick Gregory