It's always refreshing to discover a blog or website that you feel some sort of kinship with. Unfortunately that is a rare occurance for me, so finding FIXE curated by Ranessa Allen and Jason Moore was a special moment. I really feel in love with the whole aesthetic of the blog and the mixes they produce are always fantastic. I guess one of the best compliments you can pay someone's work is to wish that you had done it yourself and that is certainly the way I feel about FIXE.

Ranessa and Jason recently asked me to contribute a mix for their "12 Days of Christmas" countdown which you can listen to and download HERE. I'm thrilled to be asked to come up with a mix which is basically music that I've have had some sort of profound attachment to this year.

The tracklisting for the mix is:
01) Talk Talk — Eden
02) Ama Divers — Sea of Tranquility
03) Brian Eno — Another Green World
04) Neu! — Schöne Welle
05) Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire — Doctor Who (Original Theme)
06) Kraftwerk — Kometenmelodie
07) Erik Satie — Gnossienne No.5 (Modéré)
08) Mark Hollis — The Colour of Spring

In August my wife, Frances, and I appeared on the show Fixe Radio Blast which you can listen to HERE. We were interviewed by Ranessa and Jason for an hour or so and talked about my work, music, etc. I reckon it worked out fine even though it's impossible for me to listen to a playback of my own voice without discomfort. Frances and I chose six tracks each to play.

Our tracklisting for the show is:
01) ESG — U.F.O.
02) New Order — 5 8 6
03) A-Ha — Blue Sky
04) Gina X Performance — No GDM
05) Yellow Magic Orchestra — Ballet
06) New Musik — They All Run After The Carving Knife
07) Brian Eno — The Big Ship
08) Malaria! — Kaltes Klares Wasser
09) Taxi Girl — Paris
10) Grace Jones — Unlimited Capacity For Love
11) Marianne Faithfull — Broken English
12) Associates — Tell Me Easter's On Friday

Sea of Tranquility by Kristian Goddard for FIXE Magazine

Kristian Goddard for FIXE Magazine

Frances Willis Goddard for FIXE Magazine