It's a real thrill for me to be asked to design the promotional material for the documentary film Scott Walker: 30 Century Man by Stephen Kijak. I've grown up with Scott Walker's music, so it feels great to be involved in this project.

My parents have very few records, but one record my mum did have was the Immortal Walker Brothers album. I was always kind of fascinated by the rather exotic-looking boys on the cover and the sound of the record itself. The image and sound seemed almost like complete opposites, but in many other ways it's an absolutely perfect combination. Scott always seemed like the personification of a pop star to me, listening to him as a boy, so it was interesting for me to learn about his later, more esoteric work. One of the first records I ever bought for myself, aged sixteen, was Walker's first solo album, Scott. I remember thinking, "I never knew that Scott Walker made a solo album!" when I found it in the charity shop. Again, I was struck by the image on the cover and the mystery of the music within. I had quite an intense "I get it!" moment when I woke up with "Always Coming Back To You" in my head one night, and I've never really looked back from that moment on.

The documentary features contributions from Brian Eno, Jarvis Cocker, Marc Almond, Johnny Marr, Radiohead, Damon Albarn, and Allison Goldfrapp. David Bowie acted as the executive producer. The footage of Scott in the studio recording The Drift is wonderful. I really do consider this to be a perfect portrait of Scott's work.

In collaboration with Stephen, I've produced the film's poster, flyers for various festival screenings, and t-shirts to mark the theatrical release of the film. One-sheet posters for the U.S. release of Scott Walker: 30 Century Man are now available to buy from the Scott Walker Film Website

Scott Walker

Scott Walker 30 Century Man Graphic Design by Kristian Goddard