Frances and I have been listening the hell out of Talk Talk recently (seriously a lot!) so I thought it would be interesting to spend time putting a mix together. It's been good to revisit their music and rediscover some things that I had overlooked in the past. The albums The Colour of Spring and Spirit of Eden have been something of a revelation to me on reflection, the latter being one of the best albums of the Eighties in my opinion. There's an aching melancholy present on those two albums, in particular, which I find incredibly engaging and singer Mark Hollis has the kind of voice that could melt the hardest of hearts. All six songs from Spirit of Eden are included on this mix and I enjoyed mixing those tracks alongside some of the bands more accessible work.

Talk Talk were always quite enigmatic to me which was probably a large part of their appeal for most people, I think. They were also one of those Eighties bands whose pseudo-Surrealist album artwork didn't reflect just how good their music was. Despite their enigma and limited web presence the Snow in Berlin blog is without doubt the best online resource for their music.

The mix is entitled Shadows in the Cracks, which seems appropriate to me, and works like a gently sweeping opiate that creeps up slowly.

Tracklisting as follows:
01) Chameleon Day
02) Time It's Time
03) It's My Life
04) Life's What You Make It
05) April 5th
06) Living In Another World
07) Give It Up
08) I Don't Believe In You
09) Eden
10) Inheritence
11) I Believe In You
12) Wealth

The mix is available to download HERE


Talk Talk Shadows in the Cracks Cover Art

Talk Talk Colour of Spring Portrait