Today sees the release of Wolfram Wire’s STROM, the second release on Drahtwald Records. STROM is a compilation of tracks recorded for British Internet radio stations. Wolfram Wire was formed in 2006 by Daniel Werner and this vinyl release includes collaborations with myself, Alisia Casper, Roj Stevens (of Broadcast) and Hypnotique. The track I collaborated with Daniel on is entitled “Hiding” and uses some recordings of piano experiments that I recorded with Frances at UNCG.

I’m very flattered that Daniel would ask me to be a part of this project and that he has managed to turn something quite ambiguous into something listenable and moving. This vinyl-only release is limited to one hundred numbered copies and includes a cut-out sleeve and artwork by Alisia. More information on Wolfram Wire can be found HERE

Here a couple of shots from the recording sessions at the UNCG music studios.

Wolfram Wire Strom